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Mutirikwi Recreational Park- A Charming Alternative


Spanning roughly 7600 hectares of land,  Mutirikwi Recreational Park is located near Lake Mutirikwi in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. It is largely a recreational facility. The Park  area is boarded on the north by The Beza Range which rises to the height of 1485 metres. The scenic Lake is famous for its boating and fishing activities. Scenically the area around the Lake is dramatic with great slabs of rounded granite sweeping down the water edge.

Beyond the granite hills open out the vast woodland and grassland. There are around 25 species of animals including leopard white rhino,  sable, antelope and eland. It is also popular for fishing game viewing  and a popular gateway to Great Zimbabwe, the magnificent ruins,  which are next to the Park.

There are a few lodges or visitors can camp at the nearby campsites or can stay at Great Zimbabwe Hotel. Weather is usually sunny and warm, however, due to its proximity to the lake, the Park is often subject to heavy mists and the temperatures can be much cooler. The best game viewing months are during the dry season from June to December.

A number of Basotho African graves are located just off Nyala Drive within the game Park. There are also scenic sites like Mutirikwi and Popoteke. Visitors can relax by fishing and braiing.  The Murray MacDougal Drive is a popular road around Lake Mutirikwi and also takes the visitor to Great Zimbabwe National Monument.

Mutirikwi Recreational Park  is a unique Park with rich history that needs to be preserved.


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