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Kwekwe Central Constituency politically jinxed

Judging by the calibre of candidates fielded by political parties in Kwekwe Central constituency forth coming  elections to fill in the vacancy left by the passing on of Masango Matambanadzo, there are glaring indications that Kwekwe Central Constituency is grounded when it comes to quality of Member of Parliament credible and astute party cadres .A Member of Parliament must be literate in order to effectively articulate Parliamentary debates and other legislative issues with precision and incision of a well educated and informed leader.

“Just look at the calibre of candidates jostling to fill in the vacancy left by passing on of Blackman, you then wonder if Kwekwe Central constituency has quality would be Member of Parliament candidates capable of dissecting legislative issues without struggling to read and write. Is it that political parties are imposing candidates of their choice or the so called learned shun politics in Kwekwe which can sometimes have political violence traits. No sane person of influence would want to risk life and properties to politics of violence and intimidation”, said a Human Rights Lawyer in Kwekwe.

The late Masango Matambanadzo publicly bragged that he was a Grade 3 dropout but he is a Member of Parliament capable of interpreting legislative issues effectively dampening the idea that to be an articulate Member of Parliament needs any educational background in Zimbabwean politics.

“My take is, we do not know the legislative quality of individuals until they prove so. Now, the media must provide platforms for constituent members to interact with the aspiring candidates and have legislative discussions and only then can we see if the person is of legislative material; or not. As of now the candidates are concentrating on pleasing voters in a manner that is far from being legislative. Its not their problem but actually a national problem where Parliamentary candidate or MP is judged by the number of coffins or amount of beer they buy instead of the debate they can put across towards national policies and legislation. Until such a time we set the correct formula for these candidates, we shall always judge them with the wrong exam”, commented Mbizo Member of Parliament, Settlement Chikwinya on Chat Reporter Online Facebook page.

Is it that Kwekwe Central Constituency lack political maturity that a mediocre character can be an MP or that the constituency is politically haunted, jinxed or cursed?

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