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Residents should preserve wetlands

The Harare City Council has threatened to destroy any maize crop planted on wetlands. In a statement the council warned residents against cultivating on wetlands or close to water bodies. Harare City Council said those who disregard the warning will have their crops destroyed without any compensation.

The local authority reiterated the importance of wetlands in preserving natural ecosystems and noted the damage that has been done  to Lake Chivero, Seke and Harawa dams through stream cultivation and damage to wetlands.

“The City of Harare would like to advise residents and all those practicing agriculture on wetlands and stream banks to desist from doing so with immediate effect. Failure to take heed of this instruction will result in your crops being slashed without any further notice or compensation. The role of wetlands and public streams in the sustenance of human life cannot be over emphasized”, said the statement.

The wetlands receive, transport, clean, store and deliver water to a wide range of users. There is increased siltation of rivers and raw water sources in particular, Lake Chivero, Seke, and Harawa dams and this reduces their capacities.

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