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Mt Nyangani-mysterious, mythical, magical, natural splendor


Mount Nyangani is infamous for common and unexplained human disappearances, yet it is an adventure filled, mystic, secretive, suspense packed  and major tourist location in Zimbabwe. Also Mount Nyangani is to be approached with great caution. There is a long- held belief by the Manyika people living around the mountain area, that claims a vindictive spiritual presence on the mountain is responsible for the human disappearances. It has become very difficult to talk about Mt Nyangani without mentioning the mysteries and magic surrounding the vast natural wonder. The mountain is the highest in Zimbabwe, standing majestically in defiance at an incredible  towering  height of 2 592 meters.

Mount Nyangani is probably the most feared by most people that live in Eastern Highlands, where a number of people have disappeared without trace. Mountains generally seem to play a major role as sites for mysterious disappearances than any other sites. Vanishing without trace on this mountain is neither a myth or a legend. It is for REAL.

“Several mystical stories have  passed from generation to generation about materialisation  of supernatural happening have been taken place at Nyangani mountains, ranging from as mystical spirits can cause people to objects to vanish into thin air. So many theories have been told about the disappearances of people in Nyangani mountains. Some say they are mermaids and mystical spirits or creatures residing deep into the mountains “,  narrates a self styled tourist guide who calls himself Sekuru Chitovera, who resides near the area.

People who dare to go further in the mountain disappear forever. When boulders from the mountain fall into the river, the water turns red. Trees talk and laugh in harmony with nature, upon exclaiming in awe upon this shock, a thick blanket of smoke engulfs people and disappear in it. Some disappearances have been attributed to sinking sand on Mt Nyangani as the mountain  is the source of many rivers. Those who would dare wonder further into the mountain may have come across the river sources on the mountain. Three rivers have their sources in Mt Nyangani are Nyamuzihwa, Kairezi  and Pungwe rivers.


The mountain vegetation is largely composed of heath around the mountain plateau with evergreen forest and the wetter eastern slopes and grasslands to the western side. Dry weather occur during winter period of May and August. The mountains can be accessible from four base points within Nyanga National Park through the official car park at the base of the Tourist Route or through the Mountain Club of Zimbabwe Hut, on the Kwaraguza Road, via Circular Drive or through Nyazengun Substation of Nyanga National Park  or through Gleneagles Substation of Nyanga National Park, via Circular Drive from Troutbeck Inn.

The Peak can be reached within 1 to 3 hours. The hazards can be produced by fast weather change that can switch from sunny skies to thick fog, resulting in visibility of less than 50 meters and several fatalities have occurred  due to hikers losing their way  and falling down ravines.. Visiting Mt Nyangani is an adrenaline pumping and  unforgettable experience worth a lifetime.

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