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The Zimbabwe Military Museum-a collection of country’s military traditions


Midlands Province is endowed with an array of tourist attractions of unique status and value. One of the most outstanding tourists  attractions is The Zimbabwe Military Museum located in the City of Gweru. The museum had its humble beginnings with a number of historic aircraft stored at Thornhill Airbase, which later moved to the present site in 1974.

Various displays portray the history of the Army, Air force and Police. In addition to the aircraft, visitors can view aero-engines, uniforms and equipment associated with Zimbabwe’s military history. The Military History gallery, details graphics of the wars of freedom fought in Zimbabwe during the last 1000 years.

The Zimbabwe Military Museum serves as the country’s National Army and Aviation museum. In addition to the aircraft, visitors can view aero-engines and other military artifacts in the museums  seven galleries including The Foyer, The Military History Gallery Armored Vehicle Hanger, Police Gallery, Guinea Fowl School Memorial Hut and Artillery Hanger.

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