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Kwekwe- a unique tourist attraction destination


Kwekwe is located in the Midlands province right at the center of Zimbabwe, which makes it an ideal place for any tourist who wants to discover untamed tourist attractions. Accommodation in form of lodges, hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast, back packers, motel, rest camp and caravan camping sites makes it a unique for those travelling via the city. What makes Kwekwe an attractive tourist destination is the fact that its tourists wonders are yet to be discovered by a number of people.

There is a number of activities to do in Kwekwe such as fishing, game viewing and water sports. Kwekwe has a number of places suitable for camping and team building and Sebakwe Recreational Park is one of them.  It is 41 kilometers from Kwekwe city along Mvuma Road.  It is a place for those who want to rest, game viewing, fishing and boating. The lodges are located within the park, which offer self catering services, running water, gas stoves and gas fridges are available. The most striking attraction are the 12 lakeshore camp sites with piped water and clean ablution facilities for large groups, churches and social gatherings that can be held in tranquil, comfortable and out of town environment.

One of the main tourist attractions in Kwekwe is the National Mining Museum, which displays the importance and history of Kwekwe as a mining town. Antique machinery displays and exhibits at the National Mining Museum make it a very special place for mining enthusiasts.

There is a variety of wildlife around Kwekwe which includes rhinos, kudus, sables, elands and other large antelope and endangered species such as lions and elephants. Some tourist guides and operators allow hunting in their safaris and in other farms.

Ngezi Recreational Park also offers a quiet place for camping, fishing and boating although located a bit of a distance from Kwekwe city. There are a number of small privately owned game resorts and game parks in Kwekwe. Some of them are home of endangered rhinos and big cats such as Nyañgombe Safaris- a unique place and a must visit for any serious tourist. Also Black Rhino Conservancy and Educational facility is also a must visit. Some of the places of interest are Green Mountains, Touchwoods, Echo Park, Mabhodho Mountains, Dutchman’s Pool, Khayalethu Gardens, Whitehouse ad others.

Chat Reporter Online Magazine will be highlighting in detail some of the outstanding,fascinating,  unique and must visit tourist attraction destinations in Kwekwe.

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