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Montana Carswell beefs up cattle fattening

Montana Carswell Meats recently held a Field Day at their Lot in Gweru, where cattle farmers from all parts of Midlands Province converged to share experiences and learn new ideas on cattle fattening. Cattle farmers came from Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Silobela, Lower Gweru, Gokwe and other parts of the province. Montana Carswell being a beef company, has vested interest in the growth and evolution of small scale herds. The communal herd represents the centerpiece of the beef industry in Zimbabwe and is critical for the socio- ecological future business of the country. The beef company has introduced Contract Feeding scheme to small scale farms and communal areas .which empowers a farmer with feed at zero percent interest rate payable after slaughter upon signing a Feeder Finance Agreement.

It is Montana Carswell vision to be the best protein processor in the region therefore their focus on creating small scale feedlots in communal areas, partnering with the farmer in feeding their cattle, maintaining better grades, realizing cattle feeding as a business and attaining significant profits and growth.

Pen fattening involves the feeding of beef cattle with a protein balanced, high energy diet for a period of 60 to 120 days under a confinement to increase live weights and improvement degree of finish and obtaining better grades of meat at the abattoir. A beef carcass comprises muscle, fat and bone. During birth there is very little fat in a carcass and initial development is mainly bone and muscle growth. As the animal matures and gains mass, a stage is reached when fat disposition accelerates. Once the stage is reached the animal is then ready for slaughter at the abattoir. There are several reasons for Pen fattening as it adds extra cattle weight. It also improves degree of fatness and flesh of the carcass to achieve higher grades and better prices. It also takes advantage of higher prices and top grades.

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