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Save The Soul Foundation Trust donates to Zhombe ‘s vulnerable children

By Sheron Tazvivinga

In a bid to help alleviate the impact of the hunger crisis being faced by vulnerable children in Zhombe, a community based organization Save The Soul Foundation has donated food stuffs to the community.
Speaking to this publication, Anthony Mabhunu, the founder of the organization ,said that the move was meant to assist vulnerable children especially now during the pandemic as some were facing food shortages.
” The move by the organization is meant to assist vulnerable children who might be facing starvation owing to the poor harvests and the current lockdown,” he said .
As Covid-19 continues to wreck havoc in the world , institutions like prisons and care homes have not been spared from the devastating effects of the pandemic.
While much attention has been paid on the effects of Covid 19 in both the economic and health centre, little or no attention has been to the vulnerable children residing in care homes in rural communities.
Vulnerable children in care homes in Zhombe,located in the Midlands province ,seem to be experiencing worsened conditions as a result of the pandemic.
Due to the 2019/2020 drought, there have been acute food shortages. The food situation has been worsened by the lockdown which has left many families in Zhombe facing starvation.
Care homes have not been spared from the hunger crisis.This has seen children being sent back to their old families.
In an interview with one of the care givers who could only be identified as Mrs Dabengwa said that food shortages at the orphanages has forced many vulnerable children to be sent back to their homes and communities.
” We can not continue to keep them in opharnages or in care homes for fear that they might starve to death thus since the beginning of the lockdown last year in March we were sending them back to their communities,” she said.
The chances of neglect ,she says ,becomes more acute and the risk of violence us even higher.
It is not certain who these children are ,why they have been put into orphanages and to where they have been released to and to whom.

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