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Kwekwe General Hospital in Xray scam

Kwekwe General Hospital has been operating without XRay facilities for the past one year, referring patients to Private clinics dotted around the city, which are mostly owned or run by doctors, who were  once engaged at the hospital. It is now a medical mystery why such a medical facility of such magnitude does not have  XRay machines available in this time of technology and medical science advancement.

Patients who seek XRay facilities are referred to private hospitals in dotted around Kwekwe Central Business Development (CBD)., which have XRay machines available in access.

“I am coming from Kwekwe General Hospital.  The doctor has directed me to this surgery which has the XRay machines. Kwekwe General Hospital has no such facilities they said the machines are time tested. There has been no  functioning XRay facilities at the health institution for more than a year now. It seems the hospital authorities are very comfortable with the prevailing crisis, as most of the doctors once worked at the institution have opened healthcare centres, which are now cashing in and taking advantage of the complacency by the authorities at the general hospital in finding a solution in resuscitation of the XRay machines at the institution.”complained Josiah Mavhengere, who sought XRay facilities in Kwekwe CBD.

Josiah had to fork out $40 for an XRay in order to have his broken leg attended to at Kwekwe General Hospital. Some of the patients interviewed by Chat Reporter Online Magazine said that they have to seek XRay facilities elsewhere as Kwekwe General Hospital had no such facilities.

“I have to pay $60 to have  XRay access for my mother who is suffering from chronic chest pains as the hospital advised me to come to this surgery for XRay check up. It is quite disturbing to learn that such an institution like Kwekwe General Hospital has no such machines in this time of age and technology. The hospital authorities are relaxed or incompetent or there is something deeper and scandalous. I don’t think the relevant Ministry is aware of such a crisis bedevilling the institution . Maybe when you publish the story correctional measures will be taken against this maladminstration gaping anomaly at the hospital “, explained Aidah Masuku.

Efforts to get comment from Kwekwe General Hospital  Medical Superintendent Patricia Mapanda did not pay dividents as she could not answer her phone. Midlands Provincial Medical Doctor Nyadundu could not ascertain whether he was aware of the crisis at Kwekwe General Hospital when contacted on his mobile phone. Also the Minister of Health and Child Care David Parirenyatwa said he would attend to the questions, but to no avail up to the time of publishing the story. It now remains a mystery on why Kwekwe General Hospital has no  functional  XRay facilities.

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