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Gwanda Municipality In Process Of Closing Dumpsite

The Municipality of Gwanda is in the process of sourcing funds to buy equipment that will be used to operate a landfill and close the dumpsite that was condemned 10 years ago due to its proximity to homes. The dumpsite poses a public health threat as some children have turned it into a playground and residents have had to put up with hazardous smoke coming from the dumpsite.Recent studies have found that air pollution is linked to childhood cancers and cognitive impairment in both children and adults. Prolonged exposure to air pollution can also lead to heart and lung-related illnesses.Residents have since engaged the council to move the dumpsite which they say is affecting them.The dumpsite has also become a feeding ground for baboons and monkeys that have become a menace. The local authority has constructed a compliance landfill which is expected to start operating by the end of next month once the appropriate equipment has been procured.Gwanda Mayor Councillor Njabulo Siziba said the local authority was seeking funds to source equipment to operate the landfill.“Plans are underway to source equipment and we hope to be allocated money from the devolution funds.

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