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Govt deploys tourism officers at ports of entry

THE government has announced the deployment of dedicated tourism officers at all major ports of entry as part of ongoing efforts to ensure every visitor feels welcome as the country journeys towards a US$5 billion tourism economy by 2025.The ground-breaking initiative aims to elevate the visitor experience from the very first touchdown, painting a warm and welcoming portrait of Zimbabwean hospitality.
The Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Honourable Tongai Mnangagwa said that the deployment of tourism officers is part of a broader strategy to revitalise the local tourism sector.
“We want to work and have teams on the ground every day receiving tourists on the ground, showing them where to go, an office to go, where to have their things cleared and how to get their VISAs. So we are going to put tourism officers at every point of entry in the country. These dedicated officers are Zimbabwe’s ambassadors of hospitality, ensuring every guest feels valued and informed from the moment they set foot on our soil,” he said.
Zimbabweans were encouraged to visit tourist attraction sites across the country.
He added, “We need Zimbabweans to go around visiting tourist destinations, that will help our economy to turn, that will help put money in the pockets of the operators, the people who run lodges, hotels. As we wait for international visitors, let the locals turn the economy by spending. An economy only works when you are spending, so you go with your family and spend two or three hundred dollars, it creates employment, it creates a movement in the economy of Zimbabwe. That’s what we are saying this festive season.”
The deployment of tourism officers is part of the government’s broader tourism revival strategy.

The country, renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and vibrant culture, is seeking to reclaim its place as a premier African safari destination.Experts believe this initiative, along with infrastructure upgrades and targeted marketing campaigns, is set to make Zimbabwe an irresistible proposition for travellers worldwide.

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