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Ignorance On Climate Change Fuelling Poverty

Environment Ministry, International Conservation Affairs director Patience Gandiwa has said ignorance on climate change was contributing to environmental challenges such as pollution, land degradation and unsustainable agricultural practices.Gandiwa said this in Harare at the Environment Reporter of the Year Awards ceremony yesterday, which recognised journalists and media houses that promoted environmental awareness through their stories.She said ignorance of climate change in the world had resulted in extreme poverty among communities, floods, droughts, and unsustainable natural resource extraction, including illegal mining activities.“There is need to balance the natural cycles between the environment and human beings as it is very sad to note that some communities have resorted to over utilisation and unsustainable consumption patterns of our natural resources, thus breaking the natural balance that we need to survive,” Gandiwa said.“People need to join hands in ensuring that environmental protection and conservation messages reach all corners of the world, targeting all ages in order to make a significant difference and preserve the environment.”She applauded journalists that won awards at the event for communicating important messages on environmental issues, adding that it was everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment.“We have a stewardship responsibility for our environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment, not only those in the conservation industry.”

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