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Droughts , Chinese mining activities harm wildlife habitat

Droughts coupled with Chinese mining activities have a detrimental impact on water quality and wildlife, and the more prolonged and intensive the dry conditions are,the the worse the impacts can be.Unregulated and environmental unfriendly Chinese mining activities taking place across Zimbabwe have had their fair share of negative impact on wildlife habitat. On land,drought impacts are often visible with perched grasslands,wilting or tinder dry vegetation and impenetrable concrete hard ground.On the other hand gullies, dry river beds and vast tracts of treeless expanse caused by Chinese mining activities litter the affected areas in Zimbabwe. Such conditions can have dire consequences for terrestrial ecosystems flora and fauna.Entire food webs are affected, limiting much needed nutrition to animals, affecting survival of young offspring and juveniles and changing adults breeding cycles. Wildfires can consume vast swathes of land become increasingly common in mining and farming areas as land preparations for seasonal cropping season commences,killing countless animals and destroying natural habitats that often are very slow to recover. Reduction on river levels reduces the available habitat. In Hwange National Park ,the habitat is shrinking due to Chinese mining activities which is catastrophic to the environment and wildlife habitat. In Murewa,Zimbabwe, government had to suspend black granite mining activities by Chinese people as the environment, wildlife and villagers had to endure the rampant mining frenzy by the Chinese.

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