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When I was attentively watching the last episode of the Al Jazeera ‘Gold Mafia’ exposé yesterday – there were expectedly some more troubling revelations made pertaining to the acts of corruption rooted in the country’s highest echelons of power.

Always never short of shocking new information recklessly spewed by the excitable self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ Uebert Angel – we were told how the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, could protect money launderers and gold smugglers – even allegedly using the airplane he would be traveling on for this purpose.

We also learnt from CAAZ (Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe) security manager Cleopas Chidodo how then First Lady, Grace Mugabe, would freely smuggle diamonds and ivory (allegedly acquired from elephant poaching) – which were flown as cargo without clearance and paperwork.

It was also most interesting knowing that, in Zimbabwe, when the so-called ‘First Family’ is traveling with the President, none of them are subject to any checks and searches at our international airport – thus, can easily move anything out of, and into, Zimbabwe at will.

However, what caught my attention the most was the ‘warning’ to the undercover Al Jazeera journalists (posing as Chinese criminals seeking to launder US$100 million in dirty money) by convicted gold smuggler Ewan Macmillian.

He told them, in no uncertain terms, “Do not trust any black person!”

Macmillian went to, “Don’t invest with a black guy. You will die. They will tell you just lies”.

These statements touched the very core of my heart.

However, not as some insult to black people.

Not in the slightest way!

What I found painful, though, was how packed those words were with the truth.

These are things that would never ordinarily be uttered in the public domain – in this politically correct world that we now live in – something I find rather sickening, since I am a staunch believer in the truth, regardless of who finds offense.

Who can deny that, we as a people – especially here on the African continent, in general, and in Zimbabwe, in particular – have suffered terribly, largely due to the lying thieving ways of those placed in positions of authority?

As much as it is undeniable that there are a number of factors responsible for the pathetic deplorable state we find ourselves – this high propensity for lying and stealing ranks high up there.

Why is Zimbabwe lagging behind the rest of the world in infrastructural development – with roads that seem plucked from the stone age, especially in rural areas (without even any paving whatsoever) – whilst, those in cities and towns resemble landmine craters?

Why is it that we, mostly in urban areas, have been without potable water in our homes for months and even years?

Why are our children, more so in rural areas, still learning under trees or in disused dilapidated tobacco curing barns – without any chairs and desks, let alone text and exercise books – as well as lagging light-years behind in science and technology?

Why are our health care institutions lacking the mere basics – such as paracetamol, antiseptics, antiseptic, anesthetic, and surgical equipment?

Why are numerous cancer patients suffering and dying in agony, in the absence of adequate functional radiotherapy machines and affordable chemotherapy treatment?

Why are some medical aid schemes failing – as the state-run PSMAS (Premier Service Medical Aid Society) – whose beneficiaries are failing to access needed health care, since their insurance is being rejected?

Why is the country in perennial darkness – with load shedding now a daily occurrence, resulting in power cuts lasting up to 20 hours – thereby, further threatening the already-limping economy’s viability?

I could go on and on – but, I am certain the picture is clear.

What or who is to blame for all these seemingly unending challenges faced by Zimbabweans?

Are we not richly-endowed with over 60 precious minerals – that are not only highly sought-after globally, but are also not under any trade restrictions whatsoever – a fact made abundantly clear by the RBZ (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) governor John Mangudya?

So, why are the ordinary citizenry poor?

Is the answer not to be found in Macmillan’s statements?

Would anyone be wrong for saying that, lying and stealing by those in authority, was the major cause of our unending misery?

What are we to say, when over US$100 million in our gold is being smuggled to such countries as UAE (United Arab Emirates) – and, based on self-incriminating statements by those featured in the Al Jazeera documentary confessing of their criminality – some of which is ferried by, or with the protection of, the highest office in the land?

Surely, is there any wonder seeing the phenomenon economic advancements in Dubai – with all those towering skyscrapers and high standard of living – when a huge chunk of our stolen gold is being stashed there?

Who should be surprised when known criminals, as the Gupta brothers – themselves accused of massive corruption in South Africa – are shielded by Dubai, which recently rudely and undiplomatically rejected Pretoria’s request for their extradition?

Our lying thieving leaders are busy enriching and benefiting the UAE, at the expense of our country.

Who does that?

What type of sick creatures would deprive his own country, and kith and kin, of their shared resources and inheritance – abandoning them to languish in sorrowful poverty and suffering – yet, pouring the wealth in their own pockets, and those of another country?

At the same time, they lie through the skin of their teeth – with false declarations of ‘leaving no one and no place behind’ – yet, in reality, everyone and every place is actually being left behind.

The facts on the ground do not lie!

Whilst those in power in Zimbabwe are busy lying about ‘nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’ – these crooks are looting our resources vachivaka nyika dzevamwe (developing foreign lands).

Surely, are we to be known as a nation of liars and thieves?

That is what bleeds my heart.

● Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice advocate, writer, researcher, and social commentator. Please feel free to WhatsApp or Call: +263715667700 | +263782283975, or email: mbofana.tendairuben73@gmail.com

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