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Zimbabwe Republic Police has lost confidence

Zimbabwe Republic Police has lost confidence as the public is now accusing the police force of not being a people oriented force according to the Zimbabwean Constitution Police Service Part 3, Section 219, which spells out the functions of the Police Force. ZRP has been riddled with allegations of corruption and the most corrupt departments are the Minerals and the Traffic sections.

A life style audit should be undertaken in order to weed out malcontents within the Police force.

There is need to weed out corruption in the police. Roadblocks or Police Check Points need to be reduced on the roads as they scare away tourists,

At these roadblocks police officers are fleecing money from motorists. Police Officers are also involved in illegal mining activities in Midlands Province,

“There is a lot of corruption within the Police Force were officers are demanding bribes from motorists as they turn a blind eye to faulty vehicles.

The Police is the major cause of road carnage on our roads. A person can be ticketed for driving without a Drivers Licence and proceed on the road.

“On the issue of machete menace which has wrecked havoc and created a sense of insecurity in the Midlands Province, the police do not bother to arrest the machete gangs as the police officers are given bribes by the gangs, hence no arrests done”, said Obert Chinhamo, Director of Anti- Corruption Trust of Southern Africa.

He also said there is need for accountability on fines collected from Roadblocks.

The Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri should be accountable for monies collected from roads in Zimbabwe. He said police officers implicated in corruption charges should be expelled from the police.

According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe the Police Service is responsible for detecting, investigating and prevention of crime, protecting, securing lives and property of the people and maintenance of law and order among other duties of the police force.

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