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There is only one Bull in Kwekwe Central Constituency – Kandros

Oozing with confidence, direction and political maturity Kandros Mugabe, the ZANU PF aspiring and Shadow Kwekwe Central Constituency Member of Parliament Candidate, declared that he is the preferred, suitable and only winning ZANU PF candidate who can win back the hot seat, come 2023 General Elections. Kandross has shrugged off any possible ‘threats’ from would be challengers as he has the arsenal in his hat that could fend off any challenges from within his Party and from other political partys who are vying for the hot seat. It remains to be seen if Kandros will first pull through the imminent hurdle posed by Dhala in ZANU PF primaries, which were canceled off after accusations of violence from alleged Dhala supporters, who scented defeat from hands of Kandros. But will Dhala pull a surprise considering that The Bhibho Effect will play or decide a winner in Kwekwe Central Constituency voting matrix depending on who wins ZANU PF primaries. If Dhala happens to win ZANU PF primaries, then the Bhibho Effect would play against him to decide who wins Kwekwe Central Parliamentsry Seat in the 2023 Election pitting the ZANU PF primary winner against Judith Tobaiwa, MDCA candidate. The voters who have been loyal to Blackman Matambanadzo will vote against Dhaka for they are sympathetic to Kandross Mugabe as he contested against Blackman and deserves winning the hot seat. If Dhaka fights it out with Judith Tobaiwa, Dhala would face a mountain, for Matambanadzo and Blessing Chebundo sympathisers would vote for Judith. But if Kandross wins ZANU PF primaries, he has a chance of winning the hot seat for ZANU PF as The Bhibho Effect will tilt the voting pattern in his favour plus Chebundo sympathisers would also boost his winning ways.
“These are the hidden voting patterns that will affect voting status quo in Kwekwe Central Parliamentary Constituency. It would be detrimental to any candidate to downplay the Bhibho Effect and march into the Election handicapped “, said a Political Analyst based in Amaveni, Kwekwe.
“There is only one Bull in Kwekwe central Constituency as ZANU PF preferred candidate. I have thoroughly done my homework and primaries in my party are a sealed deal and I will triumph over a decimated MDCA candidate. I have been in the race for the hot seat for a long time and I have studied the political terrain and I know how to navigate to my victory. I have the resources and building up my support base. Kune Bhuru rimwe chete mu Kwekwe Central Constituency mu ZANU PF family. I am the Bull”_thundered Kandross during a Kwekwe Press Club meeting.

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