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Kwekwe City may collapse at any time now

With the recent horrific experience in the freshly devastating developments at Globe and Phoenix Primary School and the imminent environment disaster in creation at the so called ZESA mining operations perpetuated by a range of politically inclined mining syndicates who are in the process of overmining G& P mining environs there is a glaring tendency that Kwekwe CBD will eventually collapse due to improper mining methods at Globe and Phoenix. ” There is no way that the city can be spared from total curving in or collapse .It is now prudent for authorities and government to stop mining operations in the area and they start thinking about the looming disaster in the making.Greed should not overshadow a horrific incident about to happen in the city if mining activities at the site continue unchecked” said a former Environment Technical worker at G& P Mine ( Homestake Mining Syndicate).Most people interviewed by this Publication argued that Environment Management Agency in Kwekwe and Midlands Province is captured by politicians who own mining syndicates working at Globe and Phoenix Mining area and EMA can not implement and enforce plans to control or implement proper mining and environmental development to bring sanity around mining companies in the area.” It remains to be seen if EMA and the Ministry of Mines will rescue Kwekwe City from curving in and save thousands of lives lost or maimed during a mining disaster if the city collapses.It also remains if greed and politicking will also result or stop a magnitude of a disaster from occurring at the Mine” said Emmanuel Kokera who stays near G& P Mining Compound.Some people have questioned whether G& P Primary School should continue to operate from the environment disaster prone site or that a new state of the art Primary school be constructed at a new site, away from mining disaster frenzy for the safety of pupils and school staff.” The mining syndicates operating in the area must build a new state of the art school at a new location and they ( syndicates) must pool their resources together and construct a new Globe and Phoenix Primary School. After all the syndicates are responsible for the disaster at the school and the syndicates must also rehabilitate the affected environment in the area “,said one concerned parent near the primary school whose child was injured when part of a classroom sank under a mine shaft last week.

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