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Kwekwe City Council increases tariifs

City of Kwekwe recently brewed a shocker, when it increased its rate by 500 percent without any budget consultative meetings, which are usually comprised of much bulldozing, bullying and utter disrespect of ratepayers association input in the formulation of the budget, which usually sails through the council meetings as most councilors are not familiar with budget formulation processes and urban governance processes. Of late Kwekwe City council has been a ‘hiding’ place of the most incompetent caliber of councilors ever to be at the Civic Centre. This has seen development and city trends of doing business nose diving into oblivion to the extent of almost leaving the council bankrupt of development ideas and financially crippled in terms of ways to fundraise or possessing financial muscle and acumen.
Debates in council chambers lack direction, maturity, sense and light in terms of local governance wisdom, texture and lustre. Kasipo is very unfortunate, she is leading the worst crop of councilors to be housed at the Civic Centre.
“The current councilors lack general understanding of local governance hence their helter skelter mode of conduct and deficiency in indepth council matters and debates that are quite boring. In actual one might sleep during council meetings, ” said an former councilor.
Kwekwe council meetings are a rumble of empty monologue emanating from bored Town Clerk trying to explain simple matters to confused councilors. Deadwood that rubber stamp council management processes and ill conceived decisions that are costing ratepayers and detrimental to development of the sneezing city.

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