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Divine healing power on Hiv and Aids buffles Medical Science


Writing and producing  yet, another thought provoking, life changing, controversial and accurate Hiv and Aids story is a quite remarkable feat and achievement, especially if you are a Christian journalist.Christian journalists, especially if they believe in healing miracles are viewed with disdain by most Hiv and Aids related organizations as they really do not understand the power of healing miracles. A life of a Christian journalist on the Hiv and Aids beat is quite challenging, but the story has to be written at all costs. Well,  World Aids Day celebrations in Zimbabwe for 2018 are to be held in Mazowe hence the story has to be written.

She is brought to the healing session on a stretcher. Her body is emaciated and ravaged with HIV and Aids as her medical report indicates.  She has been on this condition for the past two years.She is not alone as many other patients are brought to the healing session in serious  state of emergency and conditions, that desperately need assistance in form of divine healing from ailments ranging from  diabetes, blindness and hearing disorders, broken limbs, some women  are also suffering from barreness – unable to conceive. All these patients  have lost hope in medicines, hospitals and their focus is now  on the divine healing power from on high to free them from sicknesses that have tormented their health for years.

A miracle is a supernatural act of God in human affairs that defies conventional or natural sequence. Some people disparage the works of the Holy Spirit and attribute healing miracles to the devil. God is a healer and healing miracles are real and they come from God.

“The Name of Jesus is greater than the name of any disease or disorder including Hiv and Aids. Prayer cancels the assignment of every opportunistic infection and declare they are powerless to operate in the bodies of God’s children. I call on the Lord to remind them to take His Word daily, just as they would take their prescribed medicine. Don’t look at the ailments or symptoms. Consider yourself healed. Miracles are from God. A human mind or the natural man cannot understand a miracle. It’s a supernatural phenomenal, “explained a Pastor, who leads one of the largest churches in Africa

When Jesus was accused of performing miracles by the power of Beelzebub, he warned them to be careful about what they say concerning the works of the Holy Spirit, because anybody who sins against the Father and the Son shall be forgiven but whosoever sins against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven.

This is why people must be careful today what they say concerning healing ministers and miracles performed in the Name of Jesus. Jesus power is unlimited and miracles are the hallmark that he is still alive today.

“You must learn to stand your ground in faith knowing that your faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Healing miracles still happen today, we actually have greater miracles today, than they had way back. Comparing yesterday miracles with today’s miracles is like comparing yesterday’s cars with today’s cars. To be healed you have to apply the faith-response of the Roman Centurion, whose leap of faith on the word gave him his miracle. Faith makes healing a reality. To activate healing for your body, what you need is to lay claim to it NOW. You have to declare that the healing has become real, ” explained a Prophetess from one of the growing churches in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will commemorate World Aids Day on 01 December 2018 in Mazowe at Rujeko Primary School under the theme” My Status, My Health, My Life”.

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