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Decommissioning and commissioning of Kwekwe City dump site raises stink

Kwekwe City Council is contemplating decommissioning the dump site located in the vicinity of Amaveni suburb as the dump site is near residential area, posing a health hazard to nearby residents. The new dump site is at a place near Sebakwe river and also a hazardous materials dump site will also be commissioned, which will cater for the whole Kwekwe District. This was revealed at a Full Council meeting held recently.
“ The Amaveni dump site has been debated for long as it has become a environmental and a health hazard to the residents in Amaveni. Some residents located near the dump site had developed respiratory infection and disorders. Other related infections caused by the flies from the dumpsite are chronic stomach disorders “, said Precious Hatiguri, an environmentalist in Kwekwe city.
In the event that the dumpsite is decommissioned to an area near Sebakwe River, it has been noted by environment experts that the new to be commissioned dumpsite would eventually pose a health hazard and an environment disaster, as harmful substances may leak into Sebakwe River, thereby polluting the river, vegetation, and affecting the portability of water in Sebakwe River. Marine life in the river will not be spared taking into cognizant that a hazardous materials dumpsite is also to be commissioned in the same proximity.
” It was a good idea to decommission Amaveni dumpsite and commission it near Sebakwe River but if we look closely monitoring the possibility of polluting the environment and Sebakwe River, the dumpsite would have negative effects on the surrounding environment and Sebakwe river. With the simultaneously commissioning of the hazardous substances dumpsite in the area, it would definitely affect the environment and marine life in the nearby Sebakwe River. People living along the river would be affected if harmful substances from the dumpsite find their way into the water bodies within the area. Livestock and crops can also be affected by poisonous substances emanating from the dumpsite “, said Hatiguri.
Most farmers along and near the proposed dumpsite interviewed by The Big Issue Publications /Chat Reporter Online expressed reservations on the possible commissioning of the dumpsite within their vicinity.
” All is quiet, peaceful serene and the air is uncontaminated and the environment is undisturbed without any harmful substances. We live with nature here. Now they want to pollute the environment with garbage and dumping of hazardous substances by bringing in their dumpsites. Kwekwe City Council and their partners in this ill fated commissioning of the dumpsites would pollute and contaminate Sebakwe River and the environment, affecting our livestock, drinking water and crops by dumping harmful substances in the area. Diseases caused by effects of hazardous substances will possibly infect people and livestock . Even the fish in the river will be affected”, said Ambuya Gezenziya Masheku, a farmer along Sebakwe River.

The growing piles of illegally dumped solid waste near houses and open spaces in suburban Kwekwe provide overwhelming evidence that solid waste management systems are failing to cope with increasing volumes of solid waste being generated. Kwekwe City needs proper solid waste management systems as well as properly maintained dumbsites are no exception.

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